The school strives to create an ambience where right attitudes to life and work are as much caught as they are taught!Moreover every effort is made to conform to the norms of the C. B. S. E. The facilities provided by the school go way beyond the minimum specified by the Board.

The library is a well-stocked facility with over 2500 story books,630 reference books and 7 periodicals and newspapers under the supervision of a qualified librarian and is a big draw with the students. The library is designed to what the students’ hunger for knowledge and hone their reading skills. All students have 2 library periods every week which they spend in the large and comfortable reading room of the library. Here they can pursue reading as a hobby or do serious study. They can supplement what they learn from their text books or read up on other areas of interests. They can find help for their projects or even ideas for new ones. The Library has a VCR on which the educational films are shown to each class every week. 

Separate state-of-the-art laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology ensure that studies do not degenerate into a ‘spectator sport!’There are specimens that allow students to observe at close quarters what they only read about in books, models which invite them to touch, dismantle and reassemble and apparatuses that help the students to have a ‘hands-on’ experience. Here the students also get to perform their practical work as per the requirements of their Syllabus.


The abstract becomes concrete and tangible while the abstruse becomes comprehensible in a well-equipped Math laboratory.Parabolas and parallelograms, polygons and polyhedrons are not left to the imagination! Students can see, touch and work with models.


A Hi-tech Computer Lab with 25 computers and high speed internet connectivity grooms IT wizards of the future.

Bright, well-ventilated classrooms equipped with ‘smart boards’ where the subject comes alive make learning easy and immensely enjoyable.

Heta N.Shah, counsellor, provides one to one counselling sessions to students and teachers for working through academic and behavioural challaenges in school and otherwise. She also conducts workshops on varied life skills like time management, decision making, regulation of emotions, learning and study strategies etc. alongwith conducting career guidance sessions for students of Grade IX & X. For holistic development of students, parents are also included and empowered with effective strategies.