Namaskar !!!
Every new generation is two steps ahead of the previous generation. This happened because of the genetic mutations that happens due to the changing situations all around. But still nobody can refuse that previous generation is more experienced though the next generation is smarter. To deal with such smart and high tech generation is indeed a very challenging task for every one of us.

During last two years of pandemic ,we found that many things in almost every field are changed . Due to which human mind get deeply affected. As an educator ,as a principal and as a teacher ,i feel to nurture these deeply affected minds has become a great challenge for the field of education.

A well known institution ,’ Vidya Prasarak Mandal’ situated in the prime location of Mulund is strong enough to accept the challenge of new era. VPM’s B R Tol English high school,affiliated to CBSE ,started in 2009 is truly working with this vision.

A panel of a very eminent and visionary members of VPM’s management is a strong foundation and highly qualified staff of the teachers ,well educated parents and the students who are very eager to learn new things are the building blocks of the institution.

Management always encourage the staff for benefits of the students. A very well educated staff off the school educate the students in academics, co curricular and extra curricular areas to bring out their holistic development and overall personality development.
We all stakeholders strongly believe that ,a good student only can become a responsible citizen of the country. To wake up their minds to accept the future challenges and to shoulder every responsibility is the need of the time.

In our school ,we teach our students the depth of Indian culture through various activities and competitions. We make them alert about what is happening around in the world through group discussions and debate competitions .To develop them as a responsible citizen, we form a parliament of the students through election at par our indian constitution. Elected members of the parliament then shoulder the responsibility of overall discipline and care of health and hygiene among the students. Through all these various tasks which are carried out under ‘ in depth observation ‘ of the mentor teachers,a very strong foundation for a healthy society is laid. Because as an educator every one of us has understood very well that each child is a treasure of n number of valuable hidden qualities. Education is the mean of hunting that talent and exploring the great personalities among the children. Afterall education is nothing but
” Everyone’s Dedicated, Unconditional , Careful Approach To Improve Overall Nation “
God bless you all!


Mrs. Shubhangi Potphode