VPM B. R. Tol students excel at National Karate Championship 2023-2024

Recently students from VPM B. R. Tol’s English School participated in “33rd All India Kubota Cup Karate Championship” held at Priyadarshini Sports Complex, Mulund (W), Mumbai on 28th January 2024. The young karatekas participated in various events including Gosoku Ryu (Style) Kata, Individual (Open) Kata & Individual Kumite events, winning several medals in their respective age categories.

  1. Karolyn Fernandes – 1 Silver & 2 Bronze
  2. Swara Tawde – 1 Gold & 1 Bronze
  3. Aayushi Ghadigaonkar – 1 Silver & 1 Bronze
  4. Shriya Kelkar – 2 Bronze
  5. Sanika Kamath – 3 Silver
  6. Vedant Kadam – 1 Silver & 2 Bronze

Congratulations, to all winners and best wishes for future events!

The championship was conducted by International Gosoku Ryu Karate-Do Association with over 350 participants across various districts and states taking part in the annual event.

1 thought on “VPM B. R. Tol students excel at National Karate Championship 2023-2024”

  1. Sanika Nitin Kamath

    Thank you so much
    Vinay sir and Choudary sir
    for giving chance to student

    Nitin Kamath parent of Sanika Kamath

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